5/15A sockets & switch
20A industrial sockets & MCB
16A plastic BCH & MCB
20A metal BCH & MCB
Data points
Voice points
Lab Accessories

Laboratory accessories are the basic tools that support all the activities that are carried out ina laboratory. So it is quite obvious that there would be a huge number of such lab accessories products Lab accessories are essential things that help in performing and improvingthe core function as well as use of space in a laboratory. Lab accessories may include something that fixes or improves flow of work, collaboration, convenience such as pulloutshelves. In fact, lab accessories can be broadly divided into two categories- ergonomic lab accessories and functional lab accessories. Ergonomic accessories are those accessoriesthat improve working conditions and avoid injury such as the laboratory safety equipment such as Eye wash, Safety shower etc. Functional accessories help in performing the corefunctions in a lab such as Electrical ducting with sockets & switches, keyboard tray with leg space , Open shelf etc.

Fume Hood Accessories

WE can provide your firm a full range of fume hood accessories to meet your needs andyour budget. We have units to meet your electrical requirements whether they are wired for single phase or three-phase usage. fume hood fixtures such as gas valves of colour code areavailable from cold water to natural gas, vacuum, nitrogen or hydrofluoric acid. As per the

All Electrical Accessories:

WE can provide your firm a full range of Electrical accessories required for day to day activities.That include PVC electrical trunking that can be fixed on the working table with
switches & sockets, data cabling, voice cabling etc as per the requirement.

Our Expert team comprises of Architects, to HVAC, Electrical Engineers, structural consultants etc, All are well versed with latest GMP & GLP standards we take following thinks in our scope

  • Designing the entire office / building from scratch
  • Civil & Office interiors
  • Air conditioning / HVAC
  • Electrical Lay out
  • Plumbing & gas piping layout
  • Manufacturing & installation of fume hood lab furniture
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